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Chartek®7 By International®

  • Structural Steel-I and hollow sections
  • Fire rated for divisions-bulkheads and decks
Highly Durable
  • Meets environmental exposure (weatherability) requirements of ANSI/UL 1709
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • Excellent lap shear, tensile and compression strenghts
  • Capable of withstanding explosion loads up to 4.3 bar without damage
  • Flexible, unaffected by deflection of the substrate in pre-erection applications
Lower Installation Costs
  • Low Installed weight per unit area for a given fire rating
  • No weld pins required for metal mesh
  • High build spray capability increases productivity
  • Can be spray applied via heated plural or single leg spray systems, or applied by trowel or in precast form

For more information on Charteck®7 visit www.international-pc.com


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