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"Peel and Stick your way free of corrosion"
Peel and Stick
DynaGard is an easy to install, corrosion protection system that isolates the pipe from its support.
It consists of a rigid, composite shell, fitted with a corrosion resistant, adhesive liner.
Unlike wear pads that must be welded or glued, it just takes a minute to peel off the protective
release liner and stick the DynaGard on to the pipe.


  • Raise pipe off support
  • Clean and dry bottom of pipe
  • Remove DynaGard release liner
  • Center DynaGard over support
  • Stick to pipe at 6'oclock
  • Pull firmly against pipe
  • Lower pipe back on to support

Easy to Install

  • Minimal surface preparation
  • No mixing or set up time
  • No straps or hot work
  • Installed in minutes

Eliminates Corrosion

  • No moisture penetration
  • No condensation cavities
  • No crevice corrosion
  • No metal to metal contact
  • No interference with cathodic protection

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