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  • Flanges
  • Low relief valves and fittings


  • Composite housing (mated half-shells)
  • Corrosion resistant, spray applied coating
  • FlangeFiller (optional)
  • RiserWrap (optional)


  • Flange surface must be cleaned with any scale removed
  • RiserWrap applied to pipe above and below flange (optional)
  • FlangeFiller injected into gap between flange faces (optional)
  • Corrosion resistant coating sprayed applied to flange
  • Composite housing fitted around flange
  • Corrosion resistant fasteners used to secure housing


  • Protects flange from aggressive splash zone corrosion
  • Eliminates expensive maintenance such as hot-bolting
  • Easy instillation, requiring little time
  • Can be easily removed for inspection and then reinstalled 

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