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Corrosion Protection
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ArmorGard® is a shop applied, seamless composite coating for new construction or replacement risers and provides service life corrosion protection for splash zone area piping.

Chartek®7 By International®

Chartek®7 by Internaional  Protective Coatings is the hightest qualified and one of the most cost efficient products for jet fire protection.  It is tough, durable, and water resistant.  Chartek®7 provides long term fire protection suitable of offshore oil and gas facilities, onshore refineries and processing plants.

DynaGard® DynaGard ® is a field applied, corrosion protection system consisting of a rigid composite shell and fitted with a corrosion resistant adhesive liner. Specifically designed to fit nominally to pipe , DynaGard is easy, and quick to install.
DynaGard® Flat

 DynaGard® Flat is an easy to install, corrosion protection system that isolates the support from a pipe. It consists of a rigid, composite plate, fitted with a corrosion resistant proprietary adhesive. Specifically designed for pipe supports, DynaGard® Flat is easy, quick to install, and a perfect partner to the original DynaGard®


FlangeGard ® is a field applied, corrosion protection system designed to guard low relief valves, flanges, and fittings against aggressive splash zone areas.

RiserClad ®RiserClad® is a field applied, rigid composite corrosion barrier created specifically to protect splash zone and crevice corrosion for risers and pipe supports.
RiserGard™RiserGard™ is a field applied, corrosion protection application designed for structural clamps and pipe supports that is easily installed and provides lasting corrosion protection.

RiserWrap™ is a field applied, flexible composite corrosion barrier specifically designed for bends, "T's” and other irregularly shaped piping and eliminates future maintenance expense.

ThermoWrap™- By NRI Composite Repair System For High Temperature And Process Piping


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